KOOLBLACK™ Technology

Mermet fabrics with KOOLBLACK™ Technology know how to resist heat

Mermet’s unique, patented KOOLBLACKTechnology increases the energy efficiency of dark sunscreen fabrics to levels comparable with light colours. KOOLBLACK delivers reduced cooling costs and improved comfort, with the glare control and view-through of a conventional dark screen fabric.

With Mermet’s KOOLBLACK Technology you get all the benefits of dark coloured sunscreen fabric – such as superior view-through and exceptional glare control – but with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) similar to a light coloured sunscreen fabric. In fact, KOOLBLACK shows up to 22% improvement in SHGC compared to standard dark screen fabrics.

Standard Dark Screen Fabrics
  • high contrast for clear & sharp view-through
  • coordinated exterior building design
  • exceptional glare control
E-Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology
  • same great features as standard dark screen fabrics
  • up to 22% improvement in solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) versus standard dark screen fabrics
  • reflects near infrared (NIR) solar energy
  • improved heat control
  • increased energy savings


Conventional Dark Colour Solar Screen E Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology
Rs = Solar Reflectance • As = Solar Absorptance • Ts = Solar Transmittance
G-Value or SHGC is a factor that shows how effective a glazing system – glass & window covering – is at blocking heat from solar radiation. The lower the SHGC, the higher the protection from heat gain.