Solar & Optical Properties

A market leader in solar protection for nearly 40 years, Mermet screen fabrics use a combination of high performing Enduris® fibreglass core yarn and polyester to minimise heat and glare.

What are Solar & Optical Properties?

Solar protection takes into account thermal and optical factors, which allow us to measure the solar protection performance of a fabric.

Thermal factors relate to the amount of solar energy (heat) penetrating the fabric and provides a guideline as to how well the fabric will perform in keeping the inside warm in winter and cool in summer.

Optical factors relate to the amount of light a fabric will let through. Natural light is necessary for the human body to function, yet glare needs to be controlled and eye sight needs to be protected from harmful UV rays.

Mermet fabrics protect against both heat and glare.

The solar & optical properties (also called fenestration data) of each Mermet fabric can be found in the downloadable technical data sheets.