Everview Plus 1%

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External Fabrics
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Everview Plus, Mermet’s external sunscreen range, is offered in 5% and 1% openness options and is suitable for both Commercial and Residential outdoor applications. The 1% openess collection features 5 contemporary tones are designed complement your personal outdoor living style, with inspiration from COLORBOND®. The 1% openess option is available 5 colours in 3.0m widths, the 5% openess option option includes 17 colours in 2.5m or 3.0m widths. 

Outdoor blinds, drop awnings and structures made from Everview Plus feature a 2x2 basket weave designed to reflect the sun’s heat and rays before it enters the home to help keep you cooler and out of the glare. Solmatiz fabric meets the certification requirements set by GREENGUARD® for low chemical emissions. 

Fire retardant and resistant to fungus and mildew, the Everview Plus range provides the perfect comfort solution for all seasons.

Everview Plus offers lasting performance by:
• Reducing heat & glare yet allowing moderate air flow
• Mildew & fungus resistant for low maintenance cleaning
• Strong 2x2 basket weave designed to withstand long term use
• Retaining colour vibrancy with superior fade resistance qualities

The Everview Plus range also offers the 5% openness option. 

White 111
Yalumba 110
Mombasa/Misty Grey 107
Schist 104
Mombasa 102