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Energy Savings


Heating and cooling costs can be reduced substantially through the use of the correct Turnils Collage internal blind fabric. A correctly fitted internal blind can increase energy savings dramatically.

The less transparent a fabric is, the more temperature control it will provide. However, when view-through is required, select a fabric from Mermet's Performance Sunscreens collection, which boasts a range of excellent temperature-control sunscreen fabrics that will help to lower energy consumption.

The perfect commercial solution

The combination of E-Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology and E-Screen Original, in coordinating colours, achieves a seamless exterior design appearance and cost savings solution for commercial applications.

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How Turnils Collage Fabrics Help

KOOLBLACK Technology

A new performance standard is being set by Mermet’s unique, patented KOOLBLACK™ Technology, which increases the energy efficiency of dark coloured sunscreen fabrics to levels comparable with light colours.

KOOLBLACK™ delivers reduced cooling costs and improved comfort, with the glare control and view-through of a conventional dark screen fabric.

Mermet’s KOOLBLACK™ Technology provides up to 23% improvement in Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) compared to standard dark coloured screen fabrics.

Metalised Sunscreen

For maximum reflection of solar energy Mermet offers a choice of two sunscreen fabrics with a metalised backing.  

E-Screen Chrome 2x2 provides the highest standard of heat protection and therefore energy savings on heating and cooling costs.


Featuring UV blockage of up to 99% and fire retardancy, Vela Met and E-Screen Chrome 2x2 is ideally suited to commercial buildings, providing excellent heat and glare control.

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