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Fabric Intelligence and Know-How


Choosing the right fabric

When choosing a fabric for residential applications, it is important to select the fabric that best suits that space. To help you choose the right fabric, please see our easy-to-follow step-by-step fabric selection guide.


Solar Protection

Mermet’s sunscreen fabrics have reshaped conventional thinking by featuring high performance fibreglass and polyester screen fabrics that meet the demand for a decorative look, but also minimise heat and glare while maintaining the view.


Energy Savings

Heating and cooling costs can be reduced substantially through the use of the correct internal blind fabric. For even better energy saving results, install external blinds or awnings and be sure to use a quality external blind fabric.


Mermet is a leader in terms of technological development in the window coverings market. Renowned for its quality sunscreen fabrics, Mermet is continually looking for innovative ideas that provide solutions for the full spectrum of solar protection needs.

Mermet Performance Sunscreen technologies are developed to create an optimal environment for health and comfort, providing excellence in heat and glare control, while still maintaining a view. 


Sustainability and being an environmentally friendly choice for window coverings are a priority for Mermet. It is Mermet’s goal to minimise their environmental impact and strive to continually look for ways to develop more sustainable products.


Mermet fabrics hold many third-party accreditations that are clearly marked for each fabric range, providing you additional peace of mind when selecting Mermet fabrics.

Mermet’s EnviroTech fabric is one of the first in the window covering industry to carry a Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certification, which is an accreditation to rigorous standards based on product lifecycle. Cradle-to-Cradle certification considers how a product is designed, what raw materials it is made of, how it is manufactured and where it goes after use.


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